Every Business is like an ICEBERG!

10% interaction with the world outside, while 90% efforts and systems are internal. For businesses trying to improve their cyber defenses against external threats, it may be counterintuitive to focus on their own people. Careless or unaware employees are now the most likely source of a cyberattack.

In today’s age, companies are facing continuously growing threats and attacks in the Cyber Space, affecting the 3 main pillars of the Cyber Security:

  1. Confidentiality of Data and PII
  2. Availability of Key systems and network
  3. Integrity of its systems and data

How ‘Safe’ are you?

Cyber Security

With the proliferation of Internet-enabled devices, cyber culture is growing more rapidly than cyber security. Everything that depends on cyberspace is potentially at risk.

Private data, intellectual property, cyber infrastructure, and even military and national security can be compromised by deliberate attacks, inadvertent security lapses, and the vulnerabilities of a relatively immature, unregulated global Internet. Working hand-in-hand with member firm clients, Alpha IT Labs helps organizations plan and execute an integrated cyber approach to harness the power of information networks to enhance business operations, increase mission performance, and improve customer support, without compromising security or privacy.

Cyberspace is particularly difficult to secure due to a number of factors: the ability of malicious actors to operate from anywhere in the world, the linkages between cyberspace and physical systems, and the difficulty of reducing vulnerabilities and consequences in complex cyber networks. Of growing concern is the cyber threat to critical infrastructure, which is increasingly subject to sophisticated cyber intrusions that pose new risks.

As information technology becomes increasingly integrated with physical infrastructure operations, there is increased risk for wide scale or high-consequence events that could cause harm or disrupt services upon which our economy and the daily lives of millions of people depend. In light of the risk and potential consequences of cyber events, strengthening the security and resilience of cyberspace has become an important security mission.

What is the impact of a Cyber Attack?

A successful cyber attack can cause major damage your bottom line, as well as your business reputation and consumer trust.

1. Financial loss

Cyber attacks often result in substantial financial loss arising from:

  • theft of corporate information
  • theft of financial information (eg bank details or payment card details)
  • theft of money
  • disruption to trading (eg inability to carry out transactions online)
  • loss of business or contract

Businesses that suffered a cyber breach will also generally incur costs associated with repairing affected systems, networks and devices.

2. Reputation damage

Trust is an essential element of customer relationship. Cyber attacks can damage your business’ reputation and erode the trust your customers have for you.

This, in turn, could potentially lead to:

  • loss of customers
  • loss of sales
  • reduction in profits

Reputational damage can even impact on your suppliers, or affect relationships you may have with partners, investors and other third parties vested in your business.

3. Legal consequences

Regulations requires you manage the security of personal data you hold. If this data is accidentally or deliberately compromised, and you have failed to put appropriate security measures in place, you may face fines and regulatory sanctions.

How to minimise the impact of cyber attack on your business

Security breaches can devastate even the most resilient of businesses. It is extremely important to manage the risks accordingly. After an attack happens, an effective cyber security incident response plan can help you:

  • reduce the impact of the attack
  • clean up the affected systems
  • get your business up and running in the shortest time possible

It can help to invest in user training, education and awareness in your organisation on an ongoing basis.

How can we help?

For too many businesses, too many manufacturers, too many people, security is an afterthought. What’s the use of being connected to everything if our data, our identities and our transactions aren’t secure?

From our vast experience around the globe, from the first malware to the latest targeted attack, we know this for sure: you will be hit. The only question is if you will recover and come back stronger.

To do that, you need the right team in your corner. For Alpha IT Labs, cyber security is more than a product—it’s how we see the world.

Threat and Vulnerability Management

At Alpha IT Labs, we help organisations develop and institutionalise a resilient threat and vulnerability management programme that helps in protecting, detecting and responding to vulnerabilities at various operational layers of technology.

Our services include:

  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
  • Web Applications Security Assessments
  • Application security and source code assessment
  • Mobile and cloud application security assessment
  • Payment devices security assessment
  • Insider threat management

Employee Training and Awareness Sessions

People are just a very large attack surface: Employees or People are the ‘Weakest link’ in cyber defense.

At Alpha IT Labs, we create and deliver custom-tailored employee trainings and awareness sessions in various areas of cyber security and information security, to fit our client’s industry and systems being used. 

For more details, check out our Services.