Cyber Risk

Everything that depends on cyberspace is potentially at risk

With the proliferation of Internet-enabled devices, cyber culture is growing more rapidly than cyber security.

Governments and commercial organisations across the globe are asking the questions: “How do I manage cyber threats to my digital assets; would we know if we had a security breach and if so how would we respond; does our security meet the expectations of industry regulators, shareholders and customers?”

Our services

1. Cyber Security

The rapid pace of change in technology has provided huge opportunities for organisations to develop new models, services and products. But while the digital revolution has evolved the way we do business, it has also created a sophisticated and complex set of security issues. Assets that were once physically protected are accessible online; customer channels are vulnerable to disruption; criminals have new opportunities for theft and fraud.

While every organisation’s needs are different – and we tailor our approach accordingly – we offer a range of services that cover the three critical elements of effective and agile cyber security:

Aware – Intelligent insight to monitor evolving threats and anticipate risks.

Prepare – Setting and implementing the right technology and cultural strategy to manage evolving cyber threats.

Respond – Crisis management, diagnostics and solutions so clients can minimise the material impact of cyber attacks in real time at any time.



2. Information Security

Security issues have a potentially significant impact on business and can result not just in financial losses but damage to reputation and operational downtime. In addition, demonstrating system security, regulatory compliance and good governance is now expected by customers, partners and shareholders alike. We can help with:

eCrime and Digital Fraud Prevention – as digital fraudsters shift their focus to more vulnerable targets, find out how organisations can fight back against digital fraud threats

Identity & Access Management – the need to control access to information has never been greater than in today’s business environment

Information Leakage – recent high profile security breaches highlight the importance of protecting sensitive information

Penetration Testing Services – organisations need to continually assess the threat to key systems from internal and external attack

Data leakage prevention – Quantifying the risk – through a short risk assessment and powerful technology solutions, we can help quantify the risk clients may be facing in relation to data leakage